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What is Borax and How do You Use It?

Borax Natural MineralIf you’re wandering down the laundry aisle of your local grocery store, you might have noticed a product called 20 Mule Team® Borax.  What is Borax?  Is it a natural product?  How would you use it?

Sodium borate, also known as Borax, is a naturally occurring mineral.  It is composed of sodium, boron, oxygen, and water.  Most people know that Borax is often used as a laundry booster by softening the water, which will make the detergent work better.

Borax can be used for laundry, but can also be used in other ways throughout the house.  From being a multi-purpose cleaner to killing bugs to being used in arts and craft projects, Borax can be used in a multitude of ways.  It is safe for washing machines, plumbing systems, and septic tanks.  It does not contain phosphates or chlorine, chemicals that are hazardous to your family and the environment.

Do you need to clean the stains from your carpet?  Make a paste of water and Borax and rub it into the stain.  Let the paste dry then vacuum the paste.  You will be left with a clean and fresh smelling carpet.

Occasionally you’ll bring ants in with you from outside.  If this happens to you, mix together a spoon of Borax and a spoon of powdered sugar. (Make sure you use different spoons when measuring this.)  You can leave small piles of this mixture wherever you see ants, but not within the reach of children or pets.

Not only will Borax kill ants and roaches, it can also be used to help kill fleas that have gotten in your carpet.  Sprinkle the Borax onto the carpet and let it set for at least an hour.  When the time is up, vacuum away the fleas, and maybe carpet odors as well.

Has your refrigerator developed odors?  Add one tablespoon of Borax with one cup of warm water.  Use a sponge and wipe down the walls, shelves, and drawers in your refrigerator.  Rinse with clean water.

Another place that often develops odors is your toilet bowl.  Sprinkle one-fourth cup of Borax into your toilet bowl.  Swish the bowl with your toilet brush and let stand for a minimum of a half hour to overnight.  Swish again and then flush the odors away.

If you have some flowers that you would like to preserve, you can use Borax to help do that.  Begin by covering the bottom of a shoe box with Borax.  Add cut flowers, leaving just a little bit of stem, and placing them into the shoe box.  Gently cover the flowers and leaves with more Borax until the flowers are completely covered.  You may have to sprinkle the Borax into roses or carnations to make sure that the flowers are covered.  Leave no air space around the flowers.  Seal the box and store it in the box for seven to ten days.  After the flowers are dried, slowly pour the Borax from the box.  Then remove them by dumping the rest of the Borax off of them.  Clean off any remaining Borax by using a soft paint brush or gently blowing it off.  Strain and reuse the Borax another time.

Borax, a naturally occurring mineral, is another item that most homes have that has multiple uses.  Not only will it help your laundry get cleaner, it can help rid your home of pests, and preserve flowers.  It is truly a wonder product, and one that is friendly to the environment.

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By Anne-Marie

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