Using House Cleaning Business Forms

6. Business Forms and Why You Need Them

This report is included in the Independent House Cleaner and the Business-in-a-Box systems!

Special Report 6 3DCoverNew Updates for 2022!

Anybody can sell themselves as a house cleaner, but it’s the businesses that use professional forms who get the best jobs – the ones who pay the most, allowing you to work in the nice homes in nice areas of your city.

This allows you to quote jobs and provide your prospects with information about your business.

In addition, using the right business forms allow you to run your business efficiently with room on the forms to record the information that will allow you to raise a customer’s price and justify it, know exactly how to train new workers in your client homes, handle customer issues timely and wisely, and retain the necessary records for tax reporting.

This is one of the most important reports because it takes you step-by-step through the process of using the forms to turn your prospect into a new customer.  Review the process and you’ll understand why they are so important to your success. 

Inside this 15-Page Report:

  • Why your prospects under-value you when you don’t use professional forms
  • What to include on your checklist on every appointment to keep your job!
  • Become ________ and you’ll soon find yourself out the door
  • What to do when bidding jobs BEFORE you hire workers
  • How to make an excellent impression when meeting your prospect
  • 3 reasons to use a checklist – it’s not what you think!
  • How and why to use the checklists for employee reviews
  • How to use the work order to justify rate increases
  • How to use the work order during the in-home estimate
  • Why you need to use a service agreement instead of a contract
  • How to use the service agreement effectively during the in-home estimate
  • The EXACT process the House Cleaning Pro used to land 98% of of the jobs bid with the business forms
  • How to use the forms effectively on the job to get referrals

Included with Your Purchase:

  • Digital Calendar
  • Cleaning Business Checklist to plan your business

Using Forms in Your Cleaning Business

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