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The fastest way to achieve success is to follow someone who has already done it.

I've done it - I successfully sold my business - and I can show you how to duplicate my success. Ready to get started?  Use this link for information to start cleaning or continue reading and discover why I'm the "House Cleaning Pro!"

My Tips

After building my residential cleaning business from the ground up, I have all the tips you need so you don't have to go through the trial and error I did. And believe me, there are a lot but once you put them in place, you're set! I'll show you how to start a house cleaning business; you can start doing the work yourself and/or hire workers to do the cleaning for you. Either way, starting a small house cleaning business is easy when you have the tips I share from starting and growing my own residential cleaning business.

My Tricks

In the residential cleaning business industry, there are many professional tricks to scheduling, setting up procedures and using the right cleaning products and equipment that make the job so much easier.

Believe me, if the general homeowner knew my tricks to house cleaning, they might not need you!

My Secrets

Oh my goodness - these are the jewels that will make your house cleaning business rise above all the rest in your city. You see, I know all the secrets other "cleaning professionals" don't know.

That's because I was a residential cleaning client for over 10 years. In those years I went through some real horror situations with businesses that had no idea how to keep customers happy or how to properly clean a house. 

I know what they don't do - and these are the first places clients check to see if you did your job!  Trust me, you need to know these tips that not even the franchise companies seemed to know about, otherwise they would have made sure their workers took care of them.

Oh - they tried and they were really good on the first appointment, but then it was all down hill. And this is where you will succeed when you follow me - The House Cleaning Pro. That's because I have the blueprint that made me over $200,000 the first year I used it.

My Blueprint Generated Over $200,000 the First Year and I'm sharing it with you so you don't have to spend over $40,000 on a cleaning franchise with recurring get the same information I developed on my own!

And the biggest secret of all - building your business based on your goal of hiring others to do the dirty work for you. You see, it's impossible to build your house cleaning business for maximum profit doing all the work yourself. You simply cannot take on enough clients to build financial security and independence.

Without a successful formula for a house cleaning business start up - you're working yourself so hard you don't have the time or energy to develop and grow your business!

I'll show you how to build a solid business AND manage the workers for success with my house cleaning business training.

You Benefit From My Early Struggles!

I started the business doing all the cleaning myself so I had an understanding of what it took to be a good cleaner and what it took to make clients happy.  This phase of the business is invaluable to you when the time comes to expand and hire workers.

By knowing all phases of your business, you are able to manage the workers you hire and make sure they are duplicating your procedures.  This is when you are able to keep duplicating what works and successfully grow your business.

I'll share with you how and where to find employees, how to manage them and how to make them loyal to you and not jump to your competitor!

All of this is included in my blueprint to start a professional house cleaning business and my smaller blueprint for independent cleaners

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