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Having started, scaled and sold her cleaning company, Anne-Marie has served the House Cleaning Community since 2005

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For those looking to create a lucrative business or side hustle, our guides can help you start with confidence and build a business so good, that it’s ready to sell

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Anne-Marie, our founder, started a cleaning business from scratch, and eventually sold it for six figures. Professionals and side-hustlers can follow her system for operations, growing and managing your cleaning business.

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We’ve helped thousands of people start their business and transform their lives
Image of Shannon, a satisfied client of House Cleaning Pro
Unbelievable value! Best thing I could have done to get my business off the ground. 2 months in I had a full schedule and have never looked back. I know I’ve thanked you many times already, Anne-Marie… and I’ll thank you again. We need you 😉-Shannon
Image of Tonya, a satisfied client of the house cleaning pro
Purchasing this program helped me make the right choices. I hired help and set the business up to run more smoothly. I grew the business from working by myself making $500.00 a week to 3 people cleaning making $2000 a week.-Tonya

Build Your Empire

The Cleaning Pro Charted a Path to Success in the House Cleaning Industry, and We’re Excited to Share that Framework With You

With the House Cleaning Pro framework, you’ll learn the best course of action on how to start, run, scale and sell a house cleaning business. Learn from our very own cleaning pro about how to start your business, run it profitability, and market it both online and IRL.

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Our Founder, the House Cleaning Pro, Wrote the Book

Entrepreneur, Author and Cleaning Business Owner Teaches You to Run a Profitable House Cleaning Business

Anne Marie Moore, the founder of house cleaning pro - the original cleaning pro, having started a cleaning business in the early 2000s and sold it.Hi, I’m Anne-Marie, the original house cleaning pro. I started a house cleaning company from scratch that achieved a six-figure revenue within a year. Later on, I was able to sell the business (that’s still in operation today). I personally developed and implemented all the processes, procedures, custom forms and the business plan to build my house cleaning business. I’ve been publishing information at house cleaning pro since 2005, and I’m excited to share the framework that helped me become the original cleaning pro.
Image of Jon, the newest addition to the House Cleaning Pro teamHaving designed house keeping applications for two major players in the vacation rental industry, House Cleaning Pro felt like a natural fit. Hi, I’m Jon – the instructional designer and operations manager for House Cleaning Pro. I have a long background in teaching, having taught students at General Assembly since 2018. Additionally, I’m a founder of a low 7-figure business, so I understand the struggles that entrepreneurs face on a daily basis. I’m excited to create resources and materials that will help you become a cleaning pro – with a successful, profitable house cleaning business.

About Our Team

Hi I’m Jon, I’m Excited to Help You Become a House Cleaning Pro.

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Business Cards

A business card is more than just a piece of paper; it’s a snapshot of your brand, professionalism, and reliability as a house cleaner. Indeed, for residential clients, a house cleaner’s business card design must be approachable yet professional. For house cleaners, the business card is a key part of your marketing toolkit. Let’s explore how to make a house cleaning business card design that will resonate with customers and create a sense of trust and instant credibility.

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Clean with Quality

Day-of Checklists

The House Cleaning Business Checklist is a must for anyone looking to standardize their business and level up the day-to-day execution of their cleaning service. If you’ve ever forgotten to clean an area of the home (and heard about it from your client), then you understand the need for this Business Cleaning Checklist.

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Getting Started

Starter Kit

This complete cleaning business starter kit ensures you set up your business correctly from the beginning. When you start with standardized procedures, hiring and onboarding new workers is much, much easier. In 300+ pages, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about starting a business, getting clients, hiring workers, maintaining standards, scaling your business and more.

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