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Every day, people are looking for a way to make money. Starting a cleaning business is one of the fastest ways to start earning, but many people:

  • Don’t know how to get started
  • Don’t know how to easily fill their calendar
  • Don’t understand marketing and advertising
  • Are looking to upgrade from an independent to a full-fledged business
  • Need marketing materials
  • Need help after they start the house cleaning business

This is your opportunity to start earning by spreading the word about the high-quality products we sell to assist the new business owner and existing businesses that are ready to expand:

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Start a House Cleaning Business,Business Forms,Running a Business,Marketing
How to start as an independent cleaner or how to start with workers doing the cleaning. We provide training for the type of business the customers wants to start. Read more… We also provide training at the business issue level to help with specific problems a customer may be having. Read more…,All of the forms we provide are editable as formatted templates with suggested text. The buyer can completely customize the forms as needed for their house cleaning business. We provide Forms – Checklists – Flyers – Client Notices – and a Professional Business Forms Package Read more…,Many people start their business on the fly and then need additional information on specific issues related to running the business. We assist them with Customer Service Issues – Disaster Recovery – Employees & Workers – Increasing Profits – Invoicing Clients – how to Rapidly Grow a Business and more…,Marketing a house cleaning business is one of the strategies that will take an existing business and place it in front of the target audience. We provide Business & Holiday Flyers – a Business Website – Marketing Tips – a Business Referral Program and more…[/eztable]

How it Works

Sign up for the House Cleaning Pro Affiliate Program and start promoting our free and paid products.

  • You’ll receive your own special link that will track all of your referrals
  • Put this link on your website, blog social bookmarks page, tell your friends, send out information to your eMail list, etc.
  • We’ll pay you all amounts owing for the previous month via PayPal by the 10th of the following month. If you earned a commission in April, we will issue payment by May 10th as long as the commission is older than 7 days (refund policy).

We’ll send you a 50% commission for every sale referred and then we’ll follow-up with the customers you sent with related offers… you get commissions on those sales, as well… FOR LIFE! The following exceptions apply:

  • Premium House Cleaning Success System – 20% paid on Trial Assessment and Buy Now.
  • Monthly Coaching – 10% paid for each month purchased.

We don’t use cookies to retain your customer information when free or paid products are sold. Instead, when someone you sent to us makes a purchase, we create a customer contact for that person and your Affiliate Id is permanently attached to the customer.

As we follow-up with our customers, they end up buying another product and each time that happens, no matter if it’s 2 hours after you sent them our way or two years down the road, you get the commission. And – since this is a permanent database entry instead of a cookie, it doesn’t matter what computer or digital device they use to order. You still get the commission. This doesn’t happen with many other affiliate programs.

Are you ready to start promoting House Cleaning Pro products? If you’re already an affiliate of ours (a sincere Thanks!), log in here and grab your link to one of our free or paid products. If not, you can sign-up for our affiliate program here.


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Making a purchase through your own affiliate link is forbidden. If we find that you have made a purchase for yourself through our affiliate program (we know accidents can happen!), we will reverse that commission.