Website Order Process


Website Order Process

You will need the following in order to place your order for the customized website.

Software Agreement

NOTICE: We will not install the free website on You need a real hosting account as specified in the BusinessWebsite.pdf document.

First, let’s start with the Software Agreement.  Download this form to your computer and print it out.  Read it thoroughly so you understand what we are customizing and your rights to the website you receive.  For instance, we are only providing this free service to customize the pages and plugins that have been built into the template.  Once we install the website on your domain, it is yours to use for your business.  You do not own any rights to sell the website, the plugins, or the Genesis platform/StudioPress theme.  They are for your personal use only on the domain we installed it on.

Software Agreement

Website Color Selection

There are seven color options for you to choose from.  To understand how these colors affect your website, click here to experience the live website we have setup for you.  Here are the colors:

  1. Blue
  2. Brown
  3. Green
  4. Orange
  5. Purple
  6. Red
  7. Teal

House Cleaning Website from the House Cleaning Pro

Your Website/Business Logo

We can customize a logo for your website and place it on your home page or you can order a logo from another service and send it to us.  We have 38 logos for you to choose from; it will be customized with your business name, tagline/slogan, and business phone number.  We will not be changing the color on the logo, so be sure to select one that will blend in with your website color choice.  You will need to submit the number of the logo you want to use when you order your website… the number is positioned below and just to the left of each logo:

Logos Numbered

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