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New Year’s Resolutions Ideas for Your Small Business

ResolutionsIt’s that time of the year when we feel the loss of the year that is ending and the anticipation of the year that is coming. New year resolutions are on the minds of most people wanting to make improvements in their lives. The same is true of your small house cleaning business. After the hectic holidays, there isn’t much time to sit and plan when you have new clients to service and others wanting post-holiday cleans.

Take Time to Ponder

One way you can get started is to ponder the highs and lows of your business during the prior year. This is easily achieved as you wake up in the morning, eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner, take your daily walk, or even while you’re cleaning in client homes. Also include those dreams you have had for your business. We all have them, but they won’t become a reality without accountability and a strategy. Having your smartphone with you is an easy way to record the things that come to mind by using an app that lets you record notes. As you continue this exercise over the next days or weeks, you should be able to assemble a productive list to feed into your new year’s resolution ideas list.

Review Your List

Many people fail with new year resolutions because they craft a list that is too large. Review the notes you have pondered and start whittling it down to a manageable size. You’ll also want to make sure that the business resolutions you want to implement generate sustainable enthusiasm, passion, interest, and desire. Without these components, you won’t have the desire to continue with them after the initial month or two.

Achieving Resolution Success

Once you have your compact list of resolutions to implement for your business, make a promise to yourself to act daily, build a written plan, and check in weekly to hold yourself accountable. Resolutions that are made, but not reviewed on a regular schedule are bound to fail.

By creating a written plan, you will know what steps to take today, tomorrow, next week, and the coming months. As time proceeds through the coming year, continue to brainstorm new resolution ideas and revise old ones. This is critical because nothing stands still long today and you need to be able to shift with the changing landscape. By making your resolutions achievable, you should define them as goals that you want to achieve. This way you can track and evaluate them every month.

Don’t procrastinate – start a simple, common sense system and then start working it. Be accountable to yourself, your dream, your resolutions and daily goals by checking in at least once a week.

Why You Need Weekly Accountability

Memory is not perfect! If you don’t create a written plan, timeline, and firm deadlines, and evaluate them on a preset schedule, you will never progress to the next step or be in a position to get around obstacles that show up in your business.

Remember that old saying, “Out of sight, out of mind?” If you don’t create a plan and review it often, action is easily delayed. You will find yourself putting off to tomorrow what you should be doing today because your strategy is not in front of you.

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Many people have the “Someday Syndrome.” These people continually dream of what they want, but never take concrete action. They wait for inspiration, or they wait for the right day, or they wait for when they have the time. Unfortunately, these people will be waiting forever because what they are waiting for never arrives. We all have busy schedules today – it’s the people who plan their new year resolution quotes that end up succeeding because they took action.

Take Action at the Beginning of the New Year

  • Record the dreams you have for your business
  • Review and decide on the most important dreams that are achievable
  • Define your resolutions as goals
  • Develop a plan
  • Do it daily
  • Review and assess your progress weekly

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Have you created your new year resolution plan? Leave a comment and share how you created it to help others.

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