Hiring and Training Cleaning Staff

9. Hiring and Training House Cleaning Workers

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Hiring Employees and Workers Book Cover

New Updates for 2022!

Hiring workers to do all or part of your jobs is your key to maximum profits.  If this excites you then you might be interested in my Business-in-a-Box cleaning business starter kit. It contains everything you need to setup your business and hire and manage workers – including all the forms you will need.

Working alone, you’re limited to the number of jobs you can complete and you’re also leaving yourself open to injury and exhaustion!

Discover where to find employees, how to perform the interview process in a legal manner, working with experienced cleaners, making the offer, and training.

Taking the time to interview and hire the right workers will save you management headaches and customer complaints down the road.  Cleaning is not a trade where you can find certified workers, so it will be up to you to weed out the wrong candidates.

Inside this 30-Page Report:

  • How the Wrong Employee Could Undermine Your Business
  • Where to Look for Employees That Need Work
  • The Employment Laws That Will Pertain to Your Business
  • What Will happen if You Ask Any of These Questions in an Interview
  • The Detailed List of Forms You Need to Hire and Employ Workers
  • How to Get Former Employers to Talk When Verifying Applications
  • Where to Get Affordable Background Reports
  • Qualified Cleaners….But You Don’t Want to Hire Them for Your Business!
  • The 3 Questions to Ask to Qualify Inexperienced Cleaners
  • Why You Need a Standard _______ _______ That Can be ______
  • The Important Document You Need Before Hiring Employees
  • The One Thing to Tell Employees to Have Them Gladly Follow Your Procedures
  • How to Identify an Employee as a Team Leader
  • Why You Don’t Want Your Workers Rotating Cleaning Tasks
  • How to Identify Training Issues on the Job
  • The Elements of an Effective Help Wanted Ad
  • Sample Help Wanted Ad

Included with Your Purchase are These Forms:

  • Hire Tracking – Digital Form
  • Applicant Review – Digital Form


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