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Cleaner And Safer Kitchen Floors

Wet FloorCleaning Service And Safer Kitchen Area Floors
One of the ways you can keep up-to-date in the cleaning industry is to follow the commercial cleaners. They are using state-of-the-art equipment and cleaners that we don’t use in house cleaning, but knowing what issues they face and how they address them can help us plenty.

Anyone cleaning private homes knows there are areas that need a little extra attention when it comes to grease and grime. This article points out the importance of “dwell time” and how it’s used in maintaining commercial kitchens.. Pay attention – you can certainly use this concept for spot areas in your homes.

Those working in an industrial cooking area understand the landscape is keyed for injury. Grease is the enemy which needs to be removed as quickly as possible. Cleaning kitchen floors during work hours could be a hazard for workers as they cook and move dishes around wet areas of flooring.
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