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5. Pricing and Bidding Your Jobs

This report is included in the Independent House Cleaner and the Business-in-a-Box systems!

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New Updates for 2022!

This is where you will learn how to make a profit cleaning houses by setting your rate correctly and knowing what motivates customers. 

By knowing exactly what your customers want, you can set a rate that will allow you to make a comfortable profit and grow your business.

Now that you have your rate, I take you step-by-step through the bidding process so you know how to do an estimate on house cleaning by square footage, by number of rooms, inside the home and over the phone.

You’ll know exactly how long it should take to clean a house by its square footage so you don’t under-bid, especially when you’re just starting out.  This is also extremely helpful if you are finding it difficult to give accurate bids.

Included:  Script used by the House Cleaning Pro to land 98% of the jobs estimated

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Inside this 25-Page Report:

  • What Motivates Consumers to Give You the Job
  • How to Set Your Hourly Rate to Earn What You Want
  • Average Cleaning Times by Square Footage
  • Precise Estimating to Get You Started
  • How to “Sell” Without “Selling” to Get the Jobs
  • The Phone Interview Process to Reel Prospects In
  • The Phone Interview Questions to Qualify Prospects and Weed Out the Deadbeats
  • My EXACT Bidding Process (Clients Loved it!)
  • Step-by-Step Bidding Details for Accuracy
  • How to Inspect the House to Avoid Insulting the Prospect
  • What to Look For During the Inspection to Justify Your Bid
  • Steps to Reviewing Your Bid With Your Prospect to Get the Job
  • Negotiating Your Rate – Pros and Cons
  • How to Schedule Jobs Without an In-Home Estimate
  • How to Identify and What to do About Price Shoppers
  • Scheduling In-Between Jobs to Make Even More Money
  • Why Revealing Your Rate Too Soon Will Lose the Job

Included with Your Purchase:

  • Estimating Calculator by Hour (Excel spreadsheet)

Price Estimator and Estimating Cleaning Jobs

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