House Cleaning Business Plan – Research

2. Research and Plan Your Business

This report is included in the Idependent House Cleaner and the Business-in-a-Box, cleaning business starter kit systems!

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New Updates for 2022!

One of the reasons so many people fail in the cleaning industry is because they didn’t take the time to research the competition and plan their business for success.

I tell people all the time… EVERYONE wants their house cleaned, but not EVERYONE is willing to pay a decent fee to have you do the work.

With proper research, you can find these people who are willing to pay and then structure your business accordingly.

This is how successful businesses planned for their success!

Inside this 19-page Report:

  • How Your Competition Will Help You Plan Your Business
  • What You Need to Know About Your Competition for YOUR Success
  • How to Get Your Competition to Give You Proprietary Information
  • How Your Business Name Can Get You MORE Prospects
  • How You Setup Your Phone is Crucial to Your Business Success
  • What a Business License is and How to Get It
  • The Insurance You Will Need and Why
  • Where to Get Insurance Locally
  • Why You MUST NOT Use Your Home Address
  • The Legal Entities that Affect How Your Business is Established
  • The REAL Reason You Need a Business Plan
  • The reason why everyone is not your customer
  • What NOT to do When Creating Your Business Plan
  • How to Define Your Target Customer and Why this is Important

Forms Included with Your Purchase:

  • Sample Business Plan
  • Business Legal Entities Comparison Chart
  • Business Names Form
  • Competition Analysis Form
  • Competition Research Form

Research & Plan Your House Cleaning Business

This is one of the most important steps in starting a business! Research and Plan Your Success in Your City<< Instant Access >>

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