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Are Your Clients Googling for ‘House Cleaners’ or ‘Maids’? It Depends 

Do you ever wonder how prospects find cleaners on Google? As it turns out, people in different parts of the US who were searching Google used region-specific words and phrases to find cleaners. Moreover, looking closely at the language people used in search revealed a lot about the values they were looking for in cleaning service companies.


Crafting the Perfect Name for Your Residential Cleaning Venture

Before my son was born, I can remember being stressed about his name. Late one night, I found myself online digging through the social security administration’s popular baby names registry for the 20s – the 1920s. None of the top 500 popular ones would work. On to 500 names from the 1930s! I had to step away. Breathe. Naming a new business is no different. Nothing sets a house cleaning business up for success like a fantastic name.