Holiday Bundle Sale for 2017

Holiday Bundle Sale for 2017!


Grow Your Residential Cleaning Business Without Increasing Your Advertising Budget

I just had to have a little fun for the holidays this year, so I thought I would bundle up a few of my best products to help you grow your business. You may not have the time for them now, but you’d be surprised how easy they are to implement and once you’ve seen the benefits they provide, you won’t want to miss the sale.

The House Cleaning Pro offers a variety of products to help you start and grow your business. Each product has actionable steps you can follow with forms and templates to help you focus on the right path for your business.

With these ready to use products to grow your business, I know you’re going to find something you’ll love to put into action for 2018.

Enjoy HUGE Savings with the Following Bundle of Five Proven Business Products and Two New Marketing Products You Will Need for 2018!


  1. Excellent Customer Service to Increase Sales
  2. Bullet-Proof Your Business – Disaster Recovery and Emergency Planning
  3. Increase Your Business Profits with Smart Business Planning
  4. Rapidly Grow Your Business with Joint Ventures
  5. The Referral Marketing Machine to Generate Local Business Referrals in Your City
  6. Marketing Swipe Files**NEW** Turn your ads into professional marketing materials. Use proven words and phrases to persuade your readers to use your cleaning service.
  7. Social Media Content Templates**NEW** People validate your business today with your website and social media. Setup your social media account(s) for your residential cleaning business to build trust and social proof.

This is a TON of information, but you don’t have to implement it all at the same time. Pick one of the products that needs to be addressed and work through it using the information I provide.

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Each product addresses an issues you can have in your house cleaning business or a process you can use to grow your business…

Excellent Customer Service to Increase Sales

  • Winning customer service strategies
  • How to ask customers what they want to prevent misunderstandings
  • How to handle an angry or irate customer
  • What customers really expect (that they won’t tell you)
  • Customer service tools to make your job easier
  • How providing excellent customer service will increase sales

Customer Service Sample Pages

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Bullet-Proof Your Business
Disaster Recovery and Emergency Planning

As a business owner, you need to address all the vulnerabilities that exist in your house cleaning business! If you’re like most business owners, you don’t have time to figure this all out on your own. You have a business to run.

What would happen if you were in an accident and couldn’t run your business? That’s why I’ve created a system with step-by-step solutions to the issues you could face.  It’s simple – just fill in the blanks.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

Emergency Business Planning Forms

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Increase Your Business Profits with Smart Business Planning

When you’re ready to grow your residential cleaning business, you’re ready to assess what’s working and what’s not. This can reveal areas of your business taking up all your time, why you’re not making enough money, and where you could be making more.

Once you’ve assessed where you’re at, it’s time to plan your goals and your monthly promotions.

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Rapidly Grow Your Business with Joint Ventures

Once I had my business up and running, I continued to canvas neighborhoods I wanted to work in to solicit new customers. Many times I had the opportunity to meet other small service businesses doing the same thing. This was an opportunity for us to join forces and share our marketing since we were going after prospects in the same areas of the city.

Discover other ways you can leverage local businesses in your city to help your clients with services they need and want. Stop referring and start earning with each referral you make!

Joint Venture Business Ideas

Joint Venture Partnership Checklist

Business Personality Types


Joint Venture Tracking

Joint Venture Partnership Templates

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Referral Marketing Machine

You already know how to get your clients to refer your business, but I have more insight to make your requests more effective. I also show you a plan to locate, assess, and have local businesses in your city refer your business to their clients. Imagine having new clients to service that you obtained without having to increase your advertising budget!

Referral Marketing

Business Referral System

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Marketing Swipe Files

Advertising companies use a formula for creating marketing promotions that convert. Now you have access to the formula and the fill-in-the-blank swipe files to use yourself!

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Social Media Content Templates

Start using social media correctly to sell your services by building trust and social proof in the community. People want to do business with a company they can trust and you can help to provide that by giving them a glimpse into your business and sharing information they can use. In today’s environment, you can’t do that without a website and social media page(s) that are current and active. Imagine checking out a Facebook page for a local business that hasn’t been updated in months – or – over a year!

Yes, I’ve actually run into this and my first impression is not good. They’re either unorganized and can’t keep up with their business or they only created the page because someone told them they needed it. This does the business no good at all – in fact – they’d be better off without one!

Worksheets and Checklists

Posting Templates and Quote Images

If you purchase these products individually, you’ll spend $7 for the Customer Service report, $12 for the Marketing Swipe Files, $27 for the Social Media Content Templates, and $37 each for the remaining products.

The value of this Holiday Bundle is $194…. and I wanted to give you a deal you couldn’t refuse to grow your business in the 2018 New Year. Are you ready to find out how deep I’ve discounted this for you?

How about 75% off? Yup – it sounded great to me too!

Grab this Bundle Now for Only $48!!

Valued at $194 if purchased separately

Now you have the information you need that can help you grow your business without increasing your advertising budget! All it takes is smart planning and networking the right way.

Remember – you don’t have to implement this all at the same time. Review the information to see how each product can help you and start with one, set a goal, and move on to the next product when you have met your goal.