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I am a successful business builder who has started a house cleaning business on my own, built it up by having teams of cleaners doing the work for me and eventually sold the business for a nice profit. And that business is still doing very well today with the new owners.

In fact - they told me they specifically purchased my business because of the employee handbook, training manual and procedures I had in place.

And this is what I offer you - the ability to build a profitable cleaning business using my cleaning business starter kit without high franchise fees that will allow you to have more time for yourself and even sell the business if that's what you want to do.

If you're already an independent cleaner and you want more control of your business, then my house cleaning tips book for a solo house cleaner is what you need.

I hear from people every day who started their cleaning business by piecing together information they found and are frustrated with all the issues they encounter. They wonder why they aren't making more money and that they can't seem to get out of the field to run their business.

My cleaning business starter kit ensures you setup your business correctly right from the beginning with the right procedures. Then when you decide to hire workers to do the cleaning for you, you already have the correct business model.

Note: This is the perfect business for people who want to know how to start a cleaning business without cleaning. If you love to clean, organize, and help people, residential cleaning is perfect for you. Just realize, cleaning is hard work; you must do the cleaning yourself or hire people to do the work for you.

If you're undecided about the cleaning industry, use that link for a free report to help you decide

You'll Avoid Common Issues Others Have Without This Information:

1. What Advertising Works and What Doesn't
2. How to Decide What to Charge so You Don't Lose Money
3. List of Chemicals You Need and Why
4. Equipment List and How to Use Each One
5. How to Target The Customers That Are Right For Your Business
6. How to Conduct a Successful Phone Interview
7. Step-by-Step Instructions to Perform the In-Home Estimate and Win the Job
8. The Correct Way to Arrive at the Scheduled Cleaning Job

9. Step-by-Step Professional Cleaning Procedures BY ROOM
10. How to Use the fillable Custom Business Forms on your device (or use as printables, if you prefer)
11. How to Recruit and Manage Cleaning Employees
12. How to Keep Your Employees From Stealing Your Clients
13. Programs to Prevent Your Employees From Leaving Your Business
14. How to Prevent Employee Theft

Where the Best Clients Are

I show you where the best clients are in my house cleaning business training and how to service them properly. After all - it's not worth your time to service a client who wants to pay the least amount of money. I know!! I cleaned for them just to get started!!

Avoid Problem Clients

Once you know my step-by-step process to bid jobs, you'll quickly know if your prospect is worth your time or not and save you from taking on a "problem" client. And - you'll also be able to determine what your prospect is thinking just half way through the estimating process. This is good to know in case you need to make any quick adjustments to your estimate interview.

Use the estimating and bidding process I developed to land over 98% of the jobs I bid.

Never under-bid a job with the Estimating Calculator included with your purchase!

Start your house cleaning business with the detailed procedures and techniques you need for success. Avoid customers who want you to do more for less money and I will show you exactly how to create a successful house cleaning business.

And when you get this valuable information, you'll have happy clients who will gladly pay what you charge, working smarter, not harder in your house cleaning business... the EXACT system I used to earn over 200k in revenue the first year I implemented it!

Once your payment is complete, you'll receive immediate access to the member's area, where your download page is waiting for you. You'll also receive confirmation eMails that include a link to the member's area. On the download page, individual links are provided so you don't have to download everything at once.
Yes, but you will only download the files you want to implement so you don't have to download them all at once. Instructions are included in the member's area.
Open a ticket at the Support Desk. Terry is waiting to help you with your purchase and will respond in less than 12 hours US time - excluding - Sunday and holidays.
I know you're super busy. That's why I'm making this as easy to implement as possible. Start with reading the main book. All forms included with your purchase are referenced in the book. Take action on those issues you are currently having in your business or use the "Getting Started Checklist" if you are just starting your business.
A residential cleaning business can grow very quickly and many new business owners make the decision to hire within the first year. This might be you! Imagine having everything you need to make the decision to hire, setup a recruitment program, and onboard and manage the employees.

Even if you never hire employees, this is the best value with all the forms and supplemental reports that are included with your purchase. These forms and reports address issues that come up in a cleaning business and help you quickly address those issues. You don't have to figure it out on your own!
You can use the products page to purchase items separately, but having everything included in the Business-in-a-Box means you pay less with this purchase. With the custom forms I've included, your startup happens faster and is more successful using the proven business forms that I designed and used in my business. You won't find the same information included in general business forms unrelated to the cleaning industry.

And with my Estimating Calculator, you'll be able to leave accurate estimates for your prospects instead of losing money when you under bid jobs.
Well first of all, I was a house cleaning customer – so I know what people want and I know what most of the cleaning services did wrong. And second, I not only owned my house cleaning business, I built it from the ground up. That means I started it by doing the cleaning myself.

This gave me a chance to perfect all aspects of the cleaning business to improve quality and increase profits. The other books in this price range just don’t give you the exact details and procedures ….I do! Don’t invest in a system that provides so much information it would probably take you months to get started. By that time you may have lost your interest and desire to actually start the cleaning business! And you won’t find the tips and tricks I give you.

I also include the one advertising method that nobody else has identified in any of the cleaning books that will quickly grow your business and make you more money. And it doesn’t cost a penny to implement! The information I provide is concise, direct and will get you up and running fast.
Yes – I will be teaching you about cleaning techniques and tools and products. Just as different parts of the U.S. carry different products, the same is true for other countries.

You’ll be able to identify ingredients that should or should not be in products and those that should not be combined with each other. I will not identify items by brand name but by type that can be found anywhere.

Additionally, just as cities in the U.S. have legal requirements for businesses, the same is true in other countries. You will be responsible for all legalities of your new business in your city after I outline what may or may not be required.
The main book is organized into the sections you need to progress through building your business.

- Start with the “Getting Started Checklist.”
- Use the “Hourly Rate Calculator” to compute your hourly rate.
- Use the Legal Entity Comparison chart to determine what legal entity you need for your business.
- Build your Addon Services Rate Sheet with the form that also doubles to provide your client with a quote for additional services.
- Use the digital calendar to start booking jobs.
- The Estimating Calculators help you provide solid quotes to prevent under bidding jobs - by the hour or square footage.
- Fill out the business forms with your business logo and customizations.
- Use the marketing information in the main book to quickly start generating leads. I also provide you with Business Coaching to assist you in building a successful business.

Worried about getting started?No worries - I have included a Getting Started Checklist. All you have to do is follow the checklist and the information in the book chapters that refer to the checklist, worksheet, or form to use.

Why use a blueprint?

Using a cleaning business starter kit, blueprint, or a template helps you get started fast. You don't have to do any or as much research yourself.

The only thing you have to do is follow the directions to make the necessary customizations for your business.

As a customer you receive lifetime updates to every purchase.

Why should I get it now?

You can keep doing what you are doing now and getting the results you are getting. Or you can get instant access to everything you need to make your dream a reality.

The sooner you get it, the faster you can get started. You'll avoid many of the mistakes people make trying to do it all themselves with trial and error.


How do I use the forms that are included?

There are 3 types of templates included with your order: 1) PDF, 2) Canva, and 3) MS Word. Complete instructions are included with your order.

PDF templates use the FREE Goodle Reader. Canva templates use the FREE version of Canva. Word documents can be customized using MS Word or Google Docs.

All products are digital and ready for immediate download

Get Started Now with this Proven Cleaning Business Starter Kit...


New Updates for 2022!

Use coupon code TODAYONLY for a special discount!

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Continual Growth and Success! I am in my second year since buying your guides to building a cleaning business and I have seen continual growth and success. I have a much better quality of life now that I work for myself and you are the reason I decided to try it. Thank you so much, sincerely.
Holly G, TN

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You may be thinking you don't need this much stuff! Think again - this is a plug and play system. Unbox your purchase - read the main book - customize the forms. You're ready to present your professional business to your community! Once you see how successful your home cleaning business will be, you'll be glad you invested in the right house cleaning business information to manage your future!

Your Business-in-a-Box purchase is a legal tax deduction to start a cleaning business.


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