House Cleaning Employee and HR Forms Bundle

Recruit, Interview, Hire, Onboard, and Manage

30 Employee and HR Forms

These HR forms for new employees are designed as fillable forms from your computer or device.

Add your company information, logo and text customization. Some forms include default text that you can use, delete or customize for your business so you don't have to begin from scratch!

Some forms include an optional digital signature field that can be filled without using an outside signing service.

Includes the Word documents that were used to create the fillable forms. This allows you to completely customize the entire form in MS Word or Google Docs.

These forms are included in the Business-in-a-Box cleaning business startup kit and Premium systems.
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These are the Forms Included in the Bundle

  1. Employee Agreement
  2. Employee Agreement Short Form
  3. Employee Application
  4. Appraisal Form
  5. Attendance Record
  6. Background Check
  7. Background Check - Short Form
  8. Code of Ethics
  9. Employee/Contractor Checklist
  10. Drug Test
  11. Emergency Form
  12. Exit Interview
  13. Hire Tracking
  14. Employee Handbook Acknowledgement
  15. Interview Review Form
  1. Interview Questions
  2. New Hire Checklist
  3. Offer Letter
  4. Orientation Checklist
  5. Pay Record
  6. Recruiting Checklist
  7. Reference Check
  8. Reject Letter
  9. Reprimand Form
  10. Satisfaction Survey
  11. Sexual Harassment Policy
  12. Employee Training
  13. Job Description
  14. Job Interview Schedule
  15. Job Requirement Table

Your purchase includes the PDF forms and the MS Word documents used to create the fillable forms.

Why Use Templates?

Using a template helps you get started fast. You don't have to do any or as much research yourself.

The only thing you have to do is follow the directions to make the necessary customizations for your business.

As a customer you receive lifetime updates to every purchase.

Why should I get it now?

You can keep doing what you are doing now and getting the results you are getting. Or you can get instant access to these employee and HR forms to save you time and standardize employee management.

These forms cover all the issues you will need if an employee files a claim with the Labor Board. You will have proof of all the issues and how you handled them to win the case.

How do I use the forms that are included?

Most of the forms are PDF documents you can use as a printable or a fillable form.

All Word documents used to create the fillable forms are included and can be edited using MS Word or Google Docs.

The PDF forms use the FREE Google Reader available on Google Play, the Apple Store, and on the Adobe website to edit and customize the forms.

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