House Cleaning Business Checklist

Service Checklist & Customer Checklist

Use as a Printable or a Fillable Form on Any Device

Add your company information, business logo, and keep, delete, or customize the default text that is provided so you don't have to start from scratch!

These professional house cleaning checklists are PDF documents that can be customized by you for the service you provide. Instructions are included with your order to edit the forms, use as printed documents, and how to use them for entry on your computer or device.

The Customer Checklist is a record of your quote and the services you provide for leads who don't schedule an appointment.

Edit these forms with the FREE Google Reader using your desktop or device. Use as a printable or a fillable form.

You also receive the MS Word documents used to create the forms. Edit with Word or Google Docs.

These forms are included in the Business-in-a-Box, the Premium System, and the Custom Business Forms - Save with a bundled purchase!

These printable and fillable digital forms can be customized for your business and include instructions for use. Forms have been created in PDF format. Edit the forms with the FREE Adobe Reader available through Google Play, the Apple Store, and on the Adobe website. Receive both Checklist forms with your purchase in PDF and MS Word format.
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Cleaning Service Checklist

Document, Track, and Follow-Up

Your clients want to know what was cleaned on their scheduled appointment. Having a cleaning house checklist available not only makes sure you don't forget anything, but it also satisfies the client "need to know."  Add a special offer or referral reminder to the bottom of the form to generate add-on services. 

This form provides you with a record of what was completed on the appointment and also provides a way for you to communicate with your client to document special issues that require a follow-up. 

Cleaning Customer Checklist

Leave Them a Reason to Call!

This form is used when you bid on jobs and the lead does not schedule an appointment. You don't want them to forget about you! This form provides them with information to generate a call back or a reminder for your business.

This is a list of the service you provide and what you clean.  The first step is to created a branded copy for your business with your logo, your company information, and your list of services.

For each bid, you add the customer information, your quote and leave with the prospect or send it out when you do a phone quote. Add a special offer or referral reminder to the bottom of the form to generate add-on services.

Your purchase includes the PDF forms and the MS Word documents used to create the forms.

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