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Use an Estimating Calculator to Standardize the Quotes for Your Business

Estimating Calculators

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One of the hardest thing for new cleaning business owners to do is give accurate estimates and quotes. Now you can with an estimating calculator you can customize for your business.

Start with making the decision to provide your quotes using an hourly rate or square footage. Both options allow you to input your company default settings for the type of residential cleaning you have defined.

Add your business name to the top of the form. Define the default load values for your business once to create your customized calculator. You can now increase or decrease the load values for the condition of the home you are reviewing to provide an accurate estimate/quote.

The Estimating Calculators are EXCEL spreadsheets
These calculators can also be used with Google Docs

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To customize each estimate/quote, enter:

1. Name, address, and square footage

2. Information about people and pets living in the home

3. Load values the calculator uses to vary the default values you have established for your business. For example, this can increase the estimate for homes that have more contents and dirt to clean than the average home.

4. The calculator returns the estimate for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and first-time cleans.

5. You now have a permanent record of the estimate/quote you provided.

To validate the calculator, I used the calculator based on a 1st time apartment clean I did 2 days ago. Works pretty slick. I like that we can add and edit the variables. Also puts it onto the calculator how you came to their price. Pretty tough to argue with that.


Cleaning Business Owner

Why Use a Calculator?

Using a calculator helps you get started fast. You don't have to guess how long the work will take. Instead, you'll always get paid what you're worth!

The only thing you have to do is follow the directions to make the necessary customizations for your business.

As a customer you receive lifetime updates to every purchase.

Why should I get it now?

You can keep doing what you are doing now and getting the results you are getting. Or you can get instant access to these calculators to save you time and standardize the estimates and quotes you provide to your customers.

Avoid manual calculation issues with the built-in calculations provided by the calculators.

How do I use the calculators?

Complete instructions for customizing and using these calculators are included with your purchase.

These calculators are Excel spreadsheets that have been custom designed with locked fields. You won't accidentally delete or overlay anything on the form.

You can use Microsoft Excel or Google Docs to enter your data.

Add it to your device when previewing homes or quoting on the phone to provide an instant quote.

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