Why You Need a Website

Fact: Consumers are not spending money the same way they used to. Advertising in newspapers, magazines and television has become a waste of advertising dollars.

This old way of advertising takes a lot of money and requires that your ideal prospect read one of the publications or watches TV while your ad is showing. With a website, your ad is ready whenever your ideal prospect searches for services!

Fact: Explosive growth of the Internet —- There are over 1.5 Billion people on the Internet and it’s not slowing down! More than ever, people are using their computer to search for what they need.

FACT: Last year $327 billion was spent online and that number keeps growing. Your website needs to be ready to capture your prospects when they’re looking for you!

Your customers are smart, and they want to know about your business, and they want more than a 30 second commercial.  They want access to everything they need to know before they even submit their request for service or give you a call.

Look at the results of a recent survey on the most effective ways to market a local business:

Marketing a Local Business

Search Engine Optimization – that means you need a website!

That’s why I provide you with a FREE website template that we will customize for you – at no cost to you! All you pay is a small hosting fee for your website – less than $6/mo.

And this isn’t any old cookie-cutter website.  It includes an appointment setter, testimonials, legal requirements, a contact page, and an offer to entice visitors to get a quote from you. Our local Internet marketing expert will optimize the site for you so your business can be found by Google and the other search engines.

You don’t have to know all the technical stuff to make your website work for you – we’ll take your text and convert it into a search engine magnet.

My Top 7 Reasons for Having a Website:

  1. It’s affordable
  2. Makes you a professional business
  3. Inspires trust
  4. Advertises for you 24/7/365
  5. Makes it easy to change your message or add incentives
  6. You don’t have to wait for a pre-determined publish date
  7. Levels the playing field with your competition!

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