The True Secret to Setting and Reaching Goals

The True Secret to Setting and Reaching Goals

It All Starts with a Dream

See, Visualize, or Just Hoping You Can Reach a Goal?

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You’ve decided you want to start a business and cleaning houses seems an easy way to do that. After all, everyone can clean – right? And…everyone wants their house cleaned – right?

Great!! That was easy… now you need to identify how you are going to get started and make it a success. You may have a dream of owning a successful business, but it takes more than a dream for it to reach success. Most new house cleaning businesses don’t success because of these basic reasons:

  • Failure to research the industry in local community
  • Not creating a business plan
  • Under funded
  • Not knowing the competition
  • Unprepared to run a business

Let’s Look Closer at The Reasons for Failure

Failure to Research the Industry in Local Community

If you don’t know who lives  in the community you want to service, then you’re not going to be able to provide promotional materials that will turn them into new customers for you. Your potential customer isn’t everyone – it’s people who want and need something specific.

Not Creating a Business Plan

A business plan gives you a road-map to follow. It identifies your objectives, goals, strategies for reaching your goals and also identifies issues that may need to be addressed along the way. This doesn’t need to be a long, formal document – it just needs to define the most important tasks. If you’re looking for investors or trying for a business loan, then you will need to go through the long process, but for most of us – easy and short will do just fine.

Under Funded

You don’t need a huge investment to get into residential cleaning, in fact that’s part of what draws so many to the niche. You will need enough money to run the business and pay yourself, too. If you’re not earning enough, you’ll soon be without a business. Make this part of your planning so you can invest in good marketing materials and the proper setup of your business entity.

Not Knowing the Competition

In order to succeed you’ll need to know who else is servicing the customers in your target market. You will be competing with them so knowing what they charge, how they advertise, and how they service their customers is important. Without that knowledge you won’t know the best way to compete with them.

Unprepared to Run a Business

If you have never run a business before or have no knowledge of management, marketing, and professional cleaning techniques, then you’re setting yourself up for failure. The truth is most people are better at following than leading. This can be learned, you just need to make the effort.

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I HATE Planning

I’m a self-starter and I HATE planning, in fact NOTHING is more boring to me than making a plan to follow. That’s because I don’t like constraints. Heck – I could be having fun with a friend instead of following my boring schedule. I bet you can relate.

In addition to being boring, you have to know what to put in your plan before you can actually write it.

  • What should you put in it?
  • How much detail do you need?
  • Do you have to know how it ends?

These are some of the issues that come up I think about planning. The answers to these questions are pretty amazing… when you start writing down your dreams and goals they seem to write themselves! It’s the process that gets the energy flowing and the ideas just keep popping up!

This is Why Successful People Write Down Their Dreams and Goals

For instance, I just completed my planning for the new year. I dragged my feet so long the new year almost arrived before I got it finished. The reason I couldn’t get started is because I had so many projects I wanted to work on. As they swirled around in my head, I worried about finding the time to do them and just got completely confused.

Then I started feeling overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. The more I put it off – the more confused I got. It wasn’t until I pulled out my planning sheets and started jotting down notes that the fog started to clear. As I worked I became more and more focused until I was completely “in the zone.”

Being in the zone is when the magic happens!

Let’s Do Some Dreaming and Planning

Before you make the decision to start a residential cleaning business, give yourself a head start on everyone else by letting me help you set and reach your initial goals. That’s what I do – I coach people to success.

I do this by providing the information you need to know in this industry and also with the coaching I provide in some of my products. If you can follow this 30-day goal program (or make it whatever you want… 7 days or even 14 days is fine), then you’re ready to get started on a business.


The True Secret to Setting and Reaching Goals

Main Guide outlines why goals are so important and why people fail…

business goal definition

The Companion Guide helps you focus…

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Fill-in-the-blank 30-Day Goal Planning…

Featuring a Calculator to Discover How Much Free Time You Currently Have

The 30-Day Goal Planning Bundle Includes:

  • Goal Setting
  • 30 Days of Goals
  • Weekly Goal Tracking
  • Monthly Goal Tracking Spreadsheet
  • Check Off Calendar
  • Goals Journal
  • Free Time Calculator

*Instructions for using the bundle is included

With this package you now have a head-start on planning some goals. How about starting with how you’re going to phase out of your current job? You could also start with setting a goal for researching a target market in your city to fill a need.

Start with this small investment in your future… go through the process using the information I have provided to see if starting a house cleaning business is viable for YOU.

Remember – to be successful in ANY business you need to be able to set and reach goals that you have defined…

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Get Your Copy of Setting and Reaching Goals

This Investment in Your Future is Only $7

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At this price, can you afford NOT to get it?

I know – you’re asking why is it priced so low!

For one MAJOR reason – most people won’t take the time to do ANY planning to see if they’re suited to starting and running a business. And then they wonder why their business failed! Don’t be THOSE people. 

At this low price, there is NO reason for you NOT to make this measly investment. I invested my time and effort to create it for you. Are you going to invest in YOURSELF or roll the dice and take your chances?