Invoicing Your Clients

Invoice Processing for Speed and Efficiency

Who It’s For:  New or existing businesses with a busy schedule

What It Does:  Automates the invoicing and tracking process

Why You Need It:  Save time with faster invoicing and faster payments

Most of us start our house cleaning business using a paper invoice form.  This is an easy way to provide your clients with a request for payment and a receipt at the same time.  If you are serious about growing your business, then you’ll find yourself with a mountain of work and less time to spend preparing and sending invoices.

Automate the invoicing process:

  • Discover what free and paid services can do to automate the process:
  • Create a client invoice once and schedule it to be sent automatically until you cancel it
  • Track your open and paid invoices
  • Schedule a past due invoice to be resent
  • Customize the look of your invoices and add your logo
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Invoice Processing

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