House Cleaning Invoice Form

Invoice for Hourly Rate and Flat Amount

These forms are PDF documents that can be customized by you for the service you provide. Instructions are included with your order to edit and print the form and also to use it as a data input form on your device.

  • Use as a printable or fillable form.
  • Add your company information and business logo.

Two invoices are provided, 1) Invoice with hourly rate and 2) Invoice with flat rate. The forms calculate the totals based on your input when used as a fillable form.

Edit with FREE Adobe Reader available on Google Play, the Apple Store, and on the Adobe website.

You also receive the MS Word documents that were used to create the fillable forms. This allows you to completely customize the entire form using MS Word or Google Docs.


Optional Sales Tax
Optional Discount
Bill for Multiple Tasks
Input a Balance Due and Paid Today
The Form Calculates Subtotal, Sales Tax, Total, and Balance Due
Record Type of Payment, Next Scheduled Appointment, and Notes to Customer
Includes optional fields for Digital Signing inside the invoice

These forms are included in the Business-in-a-Box cleaning business startup kit, the Premium System, and the Startup Business Forms – Save with a bundled purchase!
House Cleaning Invoice
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Invoice Using a Flat Rate

Invoice Using Billable Hours

In these videos, the office has setup the invoice for the current appointment and then signed the form to lock the fields to prevent changes. The worker can only access the fields reserved for him/her to complete.

Your purchase includes the PDF forms and the MS Word documents used to create the forms.

Why Use Templates?

Using a template helps you get started fast. You don't have to do any or as much research yourself.

The only thing you have to do is follow the directions to make the necessary customizations for your business.

As a customer you receive lifetime updates to every purchase.

Why should I get it now?

You can keep doing what you are doing now and getting the results you are getting. Or you can get instant access to these invoice forms to save you time and standardize billing for your business.

Avoid manual calculation issues with the built-in calculations provided by the forms.

How do I use the forms that are included?

These invoices are PDF documents you can use as a printable or a fillable form.

Use the FREE Google Reader available on Google Play, the Apple Store, and on the Adobe website to edit and customize the invoices.

Edit the Word documents using MS Word or Google Docs.

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